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As market leaders in their respective industry sectors,
all AVH companies continue to deliver on our
Shareholders expectations. With more than 450 staff
throughout the UK & Ireland, we pride ourselves on
our ambitious growth targets, while maintaining the
highest standards of health and safety.

AVH is a 50% shareholder in Wave, a joint venture with Northumbrian Water Group which is now the third largest UK water retailer in the UK, servicing over 300,000 customers across the UK. Wave is focused on offering competitive pricing that reduces water bills, offering a service-driven approach that helps make sustainable savings for businesses and the environment.

For more information please visit wave-utilities.co.uk and nwgb.co.uk

Based in Ireland and currently working on a number of treatment plants for Irish Water throughout the Republic of Ireland, CAW is looking to secure new private customers within the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors, alongside working with Irish water on further municipal treatment plants.

For more information please visit caw.ie

Alpheus is a specialist in wastewater asset management, working for global and national customers in the private and municipal sectors. Alpheus can deliver hands-on operation and maintenance contracts for customers’ on-site wastewater treatment plants, as well as specialist expertise in designing and building innovative technologies for treatment plants.

For more information please visit alpheus.co.uk

TIDE Services is a team of commercially focused individuals with great ideas, drive and ambition, supported by first class I.T. services and a team of highly skilled software developers. Our current activities are centred around three core markets: property conveyancing, residential insurances and the provision of web-hosted information solutions for utilities.

For more information please visit www.tideservices.co.uk/

Based in Edinburgh, AWG Property is the property and
development subsidiary of the Anglian Water Group.
The company is home to a specialist team of property
professionals who develop, invest and manage the
assets of residential and commercial properties.

For more information please visit www.anglianventures.co.uk/awg-property/

Geodesys is a leading provider of land and property search information for legal professionals and developers. Offering a broad range of products for residential and commercial property transactions, and supported by a team of in-house experts, Geodesys is the chosen conveyancing search provider for property professionals throughout the UK.

For more information please visit www.geodesys.com/

digdat delivers web hosted solutions with powerful viewing tools, primarily delivering solutions for the utility sector. With a focus on providing 24/7 instant access to service information, digdat enables proactive and two-way customer communication delivered to any device anywhere.

For more information please visit www.digdat.co.uk/

Offering home emergency insurance and water efficiency products, Anglian Water Direct works in partnership with industry-leading companies to provide high quality products and services to homeowners, helping them fix, maintain and look after their homes whilst saving water.

For more information please visit awdirect.co.uk