New wastewater treatment works, Ebbsfleet Valley

From water retail to wastewater asset management,
residential projects to recreation and leisure, our group
of commercial businesses across the UK and Ireland
offers our customers a wealth of expertise in the
water industry and other related industries.

Water Retailer

Having been active in Scotland since 2008, Wave, through its subsidiaries now has a 19% UK market share in the retail water market. Wave not only seeks to offer first-class service in customer billing services alongside competitive pricing for business customers, but also offers added value through our Active Water Management® service.

Wastewater Asset Management

Operation & Maintenance

Both of our wastewater asset management companies assist a number of commercial and municipal clients with the operation and maintenance of their large on-site wastewater or water treatment plants. We aim to offer a formidable partnership with our customers that offers innovative solutions that improve the sustainability performance of their plants and help deliver long-term commercial success.

Wastewater Asset Management

Capital Works

Our extensive track record in delivering water and wastewater capital projects across both wastewater companies range in value from medium to large scale municipal design-and-build schemes. We offer our customers a turnkey service on a range of areas including pump stations, rising mains, package water and treatment systems.

Waste Services

Our Waste Services within Alpheus provides liquid waste disposal at four strategically located sites in Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Basildon and Norwich. Our facilities have Environment Agency permits and can accept a wide range of liquid wastes, such as food, leachate, sewage and waste contaminated with oils.

Legal, mapping & Insurance

Anglian Water Direct promotes home emergency insurance and water efficiency products to homeowners.

digdat delivers web hosted solutions with powerful viewing tools, enabling utility companies to give customers convenient access to maps of their assets.

Geodesys delivers legal services to conveyancing professionals, including over 100 conveyancing searches and compliance products.


Our wastewater businesses are experts in the treatment, recycling and disposal of sludge from wastewater. We have helped our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint from the creation of waste to energy and reduce their bills. AVH are actively looking at bio-resources opportunities to grow this service offering.

Recreation & Leisure

Anglian Water Parks are located throughout the East Anglian region offering communities a vast array of outdoor activities. Anglian Venture Holdings oversees the management of these parks ensuring that commercial opportunities are fully maximised. Our parks attracted over 2 million visitors last year and is expected to grow further.